Install a Functionality-First Designed ADU To Your Los Angeles Home Starting at Just $4,955 in 4 Months, Guaranteed

As LA's top ADU designer-builder, we handle all permitting and compliance to deliver your stunning, high-quality ADU on time and on budget. If the project goes even 1 day past the 120 day timeline, we will pay you $200 for each day late, guaranteed.

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Earn $1,500-3,500 Passive Income By Turning Your Spare Space Into An ADU

Hey homeowner – wouldn’t it be a dream to sit down in your new remote office… rent out your spare space for up to $3,500 per month… or put a roof over the head of a family member in need… as soon as 120 days from now?

With over 18 years experience, ADU Agency can design and deliver your stunning turnkey ADU from start to finish. Our world-class team knows the regulatory shortcuts, space-maximizing secrets, and high-quality build techniques to make the most of your spare space goldmine and add huge value to your home.

Watch Your Dream ADU Come To Life In As Little As 120 Days (With Plans Submitted In Just 4 Weeks)

An ADU or SB9 is the perfect way to invest in Los Angeles real estate, without the cost or hassle of building a new home. But it can easily turn into a horror story if you don’t know the ins and outs of the industry.

With a combined 18 years working inside the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, our team knows the LADBS shortcuts to bypass the red tape. Instead of wasting time with City delays and unreliable contractors, we’ll get your ADU completed in as little as 3 months – that’s 2-6 months FASTER than anyone else on the market.

Get A FREE Custom ADU Concept In [Dyn-Month] (Normally $599) And Find Out How To Bring Your ADU To Life In Just 120 Days!

With Over 18 Years Experience, Our Expert Team Can Handle Any ADU Project

Vacant garage going to waste? Want a standalone ADU for passive rental income? Regardless of the type of ADU, our team can navigate the City bylaws and build complex projects to bring your dream design to life.

Over the Garage
Garage Conversion
Stand - Alone Unit
Basement or Attic Conversion